Backweek - Mondays Secret

The secret is ….. GOOD POSTURE!

It is Physiotherapy Back Week11 – 15 September 2006 Feeling Blue and

Your PhysioFriend wants to share a secret with you… It can help you do
more with less effort and best of all, will cost you nothing! The secret is

Many people don’t pay attention to their posture.When we maintain a certain
position for a long period of time, poor posture often becomes worse, stretching
and possible tearing of fibres in the soft tissue around the spine can then
occur.This is where back pain starts or increases. Good balance should be your
primary goal or objective. Many of the tasks we do at work every day involve
standing. Tips to remember when you stand:

1. Always stand with your body weight equally distributed between your legs...

When one leg carries more weight, our necks and backs curve and in the long
run this position may cause injury.

1. Avoid standing for a long period of time with your feet on different levels.

Standing with one foot on a step for a long period, causes the neck and shoulders
to curve.

1. Stand with your legs slightly apart for better balance.

In this position the body weight is more evenly spread and less effort is required
to maintain the position.

1. Stand facing the work surface.

Never work at the corner of a bench because it is difficult to get close to
the job you have to do, causing you to bend forward, placing increased strain
on the lower back.

1. Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes, with good foot support, suitable
for the job that you have to do.

For example, wear boots with good grip when you work in a wet environment,
e.g. cold storage areas - and well-fitting, undamaged safety boots when you
work on a construction site. Give attention to how you put on your shoes –
instead of bending down to the floor; rather kneel on one knee to maintain a
good posture. Take good care of your shoes and repair or replace them when they
are damaged.

1. Stand on a cushioned surface if possible.

2. Elevate or incline the work surface for precision work.

3. Keep work up at a comfortable level.

4. Change positions frequently.

5. Vary your activities regularly.

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