Backweek - Tuesdays Secret

Feeling drained?No energy?

It is Physiotherapy Back Week11 – 15 September 2006

Your PhysioFriend wants to share a secret with you… It will add
years to your life and life to your years!

The secret is ….. EXERCISE!

Healthy lifestyles need to be promoted at all ages in an effort to reduce levels
of disease and disability in later life. If you keep physically fit by exercising
regularly, you increase your chance of living a healthier life – feeling
well, looking well and maintaining your lifestyle. In developed countries, over
10% of deaths each year may be attributed to lack of regular physical activity.
[1] Older people have the most to gain from regular exercise and the most to
loose from inactivity. It is never too late to start exercising and
never a good time to stop. 10 Reasons why you should exercise regularly:

1. Muscle Strength - Exercise helps to strengthen your muscles2. Joint Mobility
- Prevent stiffness in your joints3. Fitness - Exercise increases your heart
rate and can improve your fitness by enhancing the efficiency of your heart
and lungs.4. Weight - Exercise increases the amount of energy your body burns
up and, in combination with a healthy diet, can help to control your weight.5.
Sleep - Exercise can improve your sleep by increasing your sense of well-being
and improving blood and lymph circulation.6. Osteoporosis - Exercise is important
in the prevention of Osteoporosis.7. Balance - Exercise can reduce the risk
of falling by improving your agility.8. Depression and Anxiety - Exercise contributes
to a general sense of well-being.9. Blood Pressure - Exercise can reduce your
blood pressure.10. It Is FUN! Invite some friends and make use of music while
doing your exercises.

All of us need exercise – sportsmen and women warm up before competition,
as should all workers. The lack of activity e.g. like working in the same position
each day, places strain and demands on the postural muscles and can cause fatigue
and injury. A well-rounded and effective exercise program is within the reach
of all of us. Choose a programme that suites your lifestyle, personal ability
& pace. Incorporate physical activities during the day…..…walk
to the shop…climb a flight of stairs…do some gardening…clean
your home…join a dance class…go bowling…play golf…swim…join
an exercise class

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[1] Dept. Of Health. Guideline for the Promotion of Active Ageing in older
Adults at Primary Level.

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