Mission Statement


The South African Society of Physiotherapy affirms that:

  1. It provides a structure within which the needs of its members are met
  2. It strives to ensure the quality of physiotherapy services to all peoples throughout South Africa
  3. It does not discriminate on grounds of race, colour, creed, national origins, social status or gender in the practice of physiotherapy or in the administration of its organisation
  4. It safeguards the welfare of its members and makes representation against any form of discrimination against its members
  5. It acts as a planning, development and information resource to its members, to other health professions, to health planners at all levels and to the general public
  6. It supports unequivocally the provision of unitary health service and encourages all progress made in the integration of health care services.

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SASP Code of Conduct

Members Credo

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Provincial Branches

Gauteng Limpopo Mpumalanga Kwazulu Natal Free State Western Cape Eastern Cape Northern Cape North West