Membership Benefits

Why You Should Become a Member

The reason many of us join the SASP is for the security of the malpractice insurance at the reduced group premium rate. Insurance is important because the public is becoming better educated regarding health care, patient rights and litigation.
The SASP publishes the Hands on , the newsletter that informs us about courses and positions available as well as news of our fellow physio's and generally what is happening in our world.
What else?
This new website provides you with all up-to-the-minute 'courses and classifieds' as well as the directory of members and much much more information.
The SASP and PhysioFocus have a busy well staffed Head Office and Provincial Offices providing members and the public with advice and information as well as being the administrative hub of the Society.
Membership also gives us access to the Special Interest Groups which often develops into our main contact with the Society. There are now 14 of these. They provide us with colleagues who run continuing education courses and take responsibility for letting us know about new developments in the various fields of physiotherapy.
We organize a Congress every two years and publish the Journal three times a year. Both of these give the academics the opportunity to present their research, which is becoming increasingly necessary for job promotion.
Five years ago we established the Physiotherapy Research Foundation that assists with funding research projects (both for degree and non degree purposes). Together with the Orthopaedic Manipulative Research Incentive Fund (OMRIF) we have funded projects throughout the country. The PPK fund assists members with finance to attend courses and congresses internationally . The SASP is asked to recommend possible keynote speakers for the international physiotherapy congresses. This is another potential advantage for our lecturer member. 
PhysioFocus members get the 'Blue Book' a hugely informative CD covering all aspects of private practice in South Africa, as well as the directory CD. 

The SASP funds the student leaders annual get together to thrash out their particular issues, which then become our issues! We are finalizing the administrative details of a new student bursary that will be available soon. 
The PEE - a standing committee - sorts out many of the minor ethical / poor practice issues often avoiding a members referral to the disciplinary committee of the Professional Board. They are also there to give advice regarding professional practice matters.
Every year the SASP (Communications division) using media consultants, coordinates the Physiotherapy Back Week focussing on increasing the public's awareness to the benefits of physiotherapy, through the media and physiotherapists themselves.

As the only association recognized by the Government as being representative of the profession of Physiotherapy, the SASP is negotiating with Department of Health regarding Community service and the development of the new two year assistants Diploma in Physiotherapy Technology. We are negotiating with the Professional Board of the Health Professions Council regarding continuing professional development (CPD). We also have discussions with amongst others, the Disabled Peoples Organization, the OT and Speech Therapy Associations and the Podiatrists, regarding issues of mutual benefit.
Being a member of the SASP also offers the possibility of developing personal negotiating, financial, secretarial and managerial skills... by getting involved. In these times of change, never underestimate how valuable new skills can be. You may have noticed how "we", "us" and "the SASP" have been used interchangeably. It's because "we" are the "SASP" and "they" are "us" .
Everything considered we are getting a good deal for our fees. We must also understand that a great deal of negotiating goes on before the fees are increased. The SASP has to weigh up the risk of losing members against the service we are able to offer members now and in the future.

Physiotherapists do make a difference. Through the SASP help us make that difference bigger and better .

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