The South African Journal of Physiotherapy

Research Art icle

Strain Experienced by Caregivers of Stroke Survivors in the Western Cape

Authors: Hassan S, Visagie S, Mji G 4

Research Art icle

Exploring the Key Performance Areas and Assessment Criteria for

the Evaluation of Students’ Clinical Performance: A Delphi study

Authors: Joseph C, Hendricks C, Frantz J 9

review Art icle

Activity Limitations of Patients with Stroke Attending Out-patient Facilities

in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Authors: Rhoda A, Mpofu R, De Weerdt W 16

Research Art icle

The Effect of Gluteus Medius Training on Hip Kinematics in a Runner with

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Authors: Schreiber R, Louw Q 23

Research Art icle

Predictors of Success for African Black Physiotherapy Students in South Africa

Authors: Mbambo-Kekana N, Rothberg A, Bruce J, Musenge U 29

Research Art icle

Effects of Electrical Stimulation in Early Bells Palsy on

Facial Disability Index scores

Authors: Alakram P, Puckree T 35

Research Art icle

Injury Profile of Musicians in the Bloemfontein-based Free State Symphony

Orchestra: A Short Report

Authors: Barnes R, Attwood H, Blom J, Jankielsohn S, Janse van Rensburg W, Smith T,

Van Ede L, Nel M 41

Research Art icle

The Prevalence of Urinary Incontinence and its Impact on Quality of Life

among the University Female Staff in South Africa

Authors: Skaal L, Mashola M.K 45

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