PhysioFocus (Private Practice Group)

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Physiofocus is an organisation of SASP registered physiotherapists that are practicing in the private sector.

PhysioFocus strives to:

  • to provide adequate and reliable physiotherapy services
  • to maintain and further as high a standard of physiotherapy as possible
  • to maintain and further the awareness of the role of physiotherapy within all fields of medicine and dentistry.
  • to promote compliance with the highest ethical and professional standards
  • to publish and distribute a directory of all practicing members of the association.

With PhysioFocus the difference is clear, here's why

  • The highest international credentials.
  • Ongoing education, both academic and clinical.
  • Beneficial relationships with other professionals across the entire healthcare spectrum.

These are just some of the reasons for the success of PhysioFocus, the Private Practitioners Association of the South African Society of Physiotherapy. Membership means something more: a commitment on the part of each physiotherapist to offer standards of excellence far beyond the norm. It is this commitment that sets PhysioFocus physiotherapists apart, and assures patients of the finest treatment. In 1958 a mere thirteen physios inaugurated/initiated the Private Practitioners Association (PPA) to look after the interests of those who had chosen to set up their own practices in the private sector. In forty-three years we have grown both literally to the 1300 members we have today, and figuratively in reliability, function, and responsibility. In 1998 it was decided to add the title of PhysioFocus to the name of the Association in order to clarify that we are concerned specifically with the profession of Physiotherapy in private practice. Since its inception many issues have been initiated and dealt with successfully, such as:

  • First contact status for physiotherapists.
  • Liaise, converse and have discussions with Medical schemes
  • High professional standards
  • Scientific contact with the rest of the world.

What PhysioFocus provides for its members

In short, PhysioFocus assists its members in running the most professional practices possible. Information pertaining to physiotherapy such as new regulations from the Department of Health is circulated to members. Practice Accreditation is offered to all who are interested. This exciting initiative regularly assesses participating practices in key areas - suitability and safety of facilities, interpersonal communication, continuing education, patient records and many more. These standards do not require "hi-tech" practices: but quality of patient care is the final criterion. Members are encouraged to take part in programmes that increase public awareness of the benefits of physiotherapy for a healthier lifestyle. Tariffs are discussed annually with funders and supplied to our members. PhysioFocus retains a link with the registering body, the Professional Board for Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Biokinetics as well as other health professional’s organizations, and the SASP. The association is a founder member of the International Private Practitioners Association (IPPA) formed in 1991 and hosted the inaugural conference in Cape Town in 1997. Closer to home, PhysioFocus has been developing strategies to make private physiotherapists a vital component of the new healthcare system.

Mission Statement

  • To strive for professional excellence.
  • To earn the respect and esteem of all communities, our colleagues and other health professionals.
  • To assist our members to attain their full professional potential.
  • To strive for fair remuneration
  • To maintain our independence, mindful of our responsibilities as physiotherapists.

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