Non Accredited Service Providers

1.     The cost for 2013 is R 120 per CEU point and is payable into the SASP account, once you have received the invoice;

2.     The HPCSA 2A activity form, the new declaration form for presenter (find attached) and “SASP additional information” form should be completed and submitted to the CPD Committee for attention Magda Fourie, Physiotherapy Consultant, at Head Office approximately 3 weeks before the course/congress – or fax: 0865598237;

3.     A NASP number (PPB00/00---) will be allocated once the activity has been approved, which should be used as a reference on the certificates provided by the course/congress organizer following each activity.  Important:  All certificates MUST have the HPCSA registration number and name of the practitioner on the certificate before issued;

4.     Please note that we are unable to accredit courses retrospectively, as per the HPCSA’s rules and regulations;

5.     Please note the new rule from HPCSA regarding presenter CEUs – refer to the attached document “2013 Criteria for NASP CPD accreditation – 8.3:

·         Although the HPCSA service provider document only allows 10 CEUs for presenters of these types of activities, it was resolved at a meeting with the HPCSA on 2 October 2012 that where ONE person presents for the whole day, 10 CEUs per day, on level 2, would be allowed;

·         If more than one presenter/speaker is used, the CEU presenter allocation rule for level 1 small group activities would be applicable. (e.g. double points per hour presented).  In this case the presenters can also get points for attending if they also attended the rest of the course.  In this scenario such presenters must get TWO certificates:  one for presenting, with a maximum of 10 CEUs per day, and one for attending.

Please provide the following information and submit your application to the CPD committee for each activity in 2013:  

·         Activity Type e.g. seminar, workshop, course, lecture

·         Activity Name

·         The date(s) of the Activity (If the activity is repeated please indicate the first date of the activity)

·         The start and finish times of the Activity (including lunch and tea

·         The agenda/programme/course content

·         The presenter with a brief CV and declaration form (attached)

·         The venue/city in which the activity will take place. (If the activity is repeated please indicate the first venue of the activity)

·         The attendance register once the activity has been completed, on the attached template provided – to be faxed to for my attention.

·         Target audience

·         Pre-requisite to attend the course 

·         Number of delegates per presenter or assistant

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NAC - 2013 Additional SASP Information form.doc 32 KB
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NAC - Declaration form - Presenters SASP CPD.doc 41.5 KB
NAC - HPCSA 2A Activity form.doc 100.5 KB
NAC - HPCSA criteria and guidelines for service providers Feb 2010.pdf 295.9 KB
NAC - HPCSA form CPD3 attendance certificate.pdf 128.94 KB
CPD 7 Evaluation form - HPCSA CPD Accredited Activities.doc 95 KB

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