AGM Agenda

Agenda for AGM

13:30 Tea and Coffee on arrival

1. 14h00 Welcome

2. 14h02 Present and Apologies

3. 14h05 Adoption of Agenda

4. 14h10 Confirmation of Proxy Votes

4. 14h15 Confirmation of a Quorum

5. 14h20 Confirmation of AGM Minutes 25th May 2005

6. 14h30 Matters Arising

7. 14h45 President’s Report

9. 15h05 Financial Report and Presentation of Audits

10. 15h35 Appointment of Auditors

11. 15h40 Membership

12. 15h50 Motions

13. 16h05 Constitutions

14. 16h20 Matters for Discussion

· Tariffs and feedback on Healthman study

· The benefit of being a SASP member

· Policy on physiotherapist working abroad

· Endorsement of Products

15. 17h00 Closure

Provincial Branches

Gauteng Limpopo Mpumalanga Kwazulu Natal Free State Western Cape Eastern Cape Northern Cape North West