Physios beware - avoid being scammed!

Charlene Thompson of Joanne Enslin and De Wet Physiotherapy has been
victim of a kind of scam which is becoming frighteningly common. Read this and
take note - you could be next!

I just wanted to inform you about a scam being run by a group of Nigerians.
They are targeting medical professionals and the scam goes as follows (we were
recently targeted but were fortunate enough to get our money back, there have
been others that were not so lucky):

A guy by the name of Gift calls to make an appointment for eight of his construction
workers. He then deposits a cheque into your bank account and calls to say that
they have deposited the incorrect amount (in our case it should have been R2700.00
and they deposited R13900). They have been using Capitec bank in Cape Town.

He then calls to ask you to refund the difference (we told them we could only
do it once it had reflected in our account).

Once it reflected, we transferred the difference ? only to have them stop the
cheque they had deposited.

To make it more valid, he also sends a list of the workers to be seen and requests
that they produce their Ids. Of course they don`t arrive for their appointments.

Please will you send this to all the physios ASAP so that they do not get taken
by the same group of people. The Capitect bank account they have been using
in Cape Town has been frozen but this most certainly doesn`t stop them from
opening another and continuing their scam.

Ed: Charlene is not alone. We’ve been hearing more and more stories from
physios who have been targeted. And physios are not the only targets, either
- the same trick has been played on a number of businesses, from travel to IT.
The names used, bank accounts and other details may differ, but the mechanics
are essentially the same. Be careful! Report anything like this to the police
- they are trying to build a case, apparently.

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