New Tariff Structure

New Tariff Structure

Proposal concerning a new tariff structure following the Tariff Workshop
on the 5th March 2005.

To all EXCO, National Assembly, Special Interest Groups and SASP members

Proposal concerning a new tariff structure following the Tariff Workshop on
the 5th March 2005.

Background: Following the proposed change to tariffs last year by the Medical
Schemes Council and also the Workshop with SASP and MSC, there has been a trend
towards a more simplified tariff but also one that covers the costs of Physiotherapists.
To determine the actual costs and what we should be earning an independent and
in-depth study has to be done of our profession. A yearly Practice Profile study
has been done for the last 10 years but we need to harness this info and enlarge
out data base to get the full real picture of what is happening in the profession.
It would be foolish to just simplify the tariff system without there being a
surety for each of us that there would be no financial loss. We want it however
to be fair to all physio’s in each special interest group and not just
for a specific type of practice.

What we now propose is twofold:

1) An in-depth large study be done of physio practices all over SA to determine
actual overhead and practice costs and suggest a suitable income for physio’s
per unit time.

2) A change to the tariff codes as follows:

a) Consultation/evaluation charged in 10 minute time units

b) Manual/rehabilitative/treatment with undivided attention of the Physio charged
in 10 minute time units

c) Rehabilitation/treatment with the partial supervision of Physio, charged
in 10 minute time units

d) Classes – maximum 10 patients charged for each patient in 10 minute
time units

e) Treatment with equipment – determined by Relative Value Unit (RVU)
up to a max of 2

f) Visiting codes (home /Hospital)

g) Consumables/materials (cost + 20 %?)

h) After hours

PLEASE we need your comments and opinions and we need it soon!!

Please email comments to Wendy Theron []

PS! Where would report writing fit in or do we need an extra code for this?

Is all that you specifically do in your practice covered?

I know no price is attached because I think this has to be scientifically and
mathematically calculated from data from the practice profiles. We for a thumb
suck took a figure of R80 per 10 min 1 on 1 which would be reduced by a percentage
for c and d above.


Melanie Skeen (Tariff committee chair)

Reply slip:

I agree with the idea of a cost study yes/

I would be willing to participate yes/

I agree with the new tariff divisions yes/

More tariffs needed /no

Would this comply with the workings I your practice? Yes/

Suggestions for other codes needed:

Other suggestions:

What do you feel a physio should be able to charge per 10 minutes?

What do you think a patient would be prepared to pay per 10 minutes hands on

Any other comments?

Thank you for participation in the future of our profession!!!

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