Malpractice and Indemnity cover received by SASP members

Malpractice and Indemnity cover received by SASP members

An explanation from Glenrand MIB pertaining to Medical Malpractice and Professional Indemnity Insurance that the Society provides for its members
“For a number of years The Society has mandated Glenrand MIB Professional Services to arrange Professional Indemnity/Medical Malpractice Insurance for all paid up members of The Society who are in good standing.

In addition, in order to protect those members of The Society who are in private practice Public Liability Insurance was added to the package of benefits.

For the sake of clarity a brief explanation of the benefits of these insurance arrangements is outlined below :

1. Professional Indemnity/Medical Malpractice.

Professional practitioners owe a duty of care to their patients in carrying out their professional duties.

If they are negligent in providing their services and in the process the patient sustains damages for which the practitioner is legally liable the policy will indemnify the practitioner up to R2 500 000.00 included costs and expenses. Costs and expenses include legal and investigation costs including representation at HPCSA disciplinary hearings. The representation at HPCSA hearing is at the discretion of the insurers and the disciplinary hearing must relate to the possibility of a Professional Indemnity/Medical Malpractice claim.

2. Public Liability

This insurance is arranged for all members in private practice and provides indemnity for claims arising out of accidental death or bodily injury or loss or damage to property in the conduct of the business. NB. It does not provide indemnity for claims arising out of the performance of professional services.

Examples of Public Liability Claims

2.1 A patient who visits the practitioners premises and slips and falls

causing or aggravating an injury may lodge a claim for pain and

suffering/loss of earnings/loss of emanates of life etc

2.2 A practitioner may cause damage to their leased premises eg an

electrical short circuit may result in the premises being damaged

by fire which may well result in the owner or the owners fire

insurer lodging a claim against the practitioner.

Limit of Indemnity is again R2 500 000.00 including costs and expenses.

3. Popular Misconceptions

Some practitioners (mostly practicing from home) believe that their Domestic Householders / All Risks / Personal Liability Insurances provide indemnity for Public Liability risks. This is not so as these insurances have been arranged to provide indemnity in respect of Domestic as apposed to Business Risks.

4. General

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