Back Week 2003

Back Week 2003

8-12 September 2003. "20 years back and the future starts now".

It is the 20th anniversary of our PHYSIOTHERAPY BACK WEEK and we are planning a bumper week, full of activities around the country. To make this initiative successful we need to call on all our resources within the society.


We will be covering all previous themes and for the future we urge to keep moving and check posture (even when relaxing!)

Because this is a celebration week with lots of activity this year we have to work as a team and stick to a pre-approved game plan.


Target areas: The child

Care giver



Bone and joint disease


Industrial worker

Office worker

The elderly

Keep moving

Relaxation posture

Stress and back pain

Responsible groups:

1. National schools and hospital group: To cover the fields of back care and the child in schools. The caregiver in hospitals. The PhysioFriends will be allocated to this group for Back Week.

2. Women`s Health Group: To cover areas of pregnancy and back care; breast feeding and back care and caring for a small child and back care at clinics, nursing homes and articles in women`s health magazines.

3. Neuro Rehab. Group: To cover the disabled and rehabilitation

4. Manipulative Group: To cover the bone and joint disease group

5. Sports Group: To cover the KEEP MOVING theme. To interview famous sport stars -their views on back care.

Introducing Pilates on ball around the country.

Investigate possibilities of sponsored golf days or fun runs.

6. Acupuncture group: To cover stress and back pain.

7. Provincial Groups: To cover the motorist- leave pamphlets at garages, industrial worker, office worker, the elderly- visiting old age homes.

1. For relaxation posture we will investigate the possibility of making an animated advertisement to be screened on cinema screen

2. Students Group: To cover the Birth Day celebration theme.( Almost like a Physio Rag Day)

Provincial Branches

Gauteng Limpopo Mpumalanga Kwazulu Natal Free State Western Cape Eastern Cape Northern Cape North West