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To all Physios who have ever done or currently doing Community Service!

As you know, choosing a community service placement can be daunting. You get handed a large booklet with hundreds of names of hospitals from all over the country and you have to choose 5 names! Where do I want to go? What Province? Urban? Rural? Exactly how rural is rural? How do I know which hospitals are good? Who has been there before? What kind of work experience will I get? Will there be any qualified physios? Is there cool stuff to do in the area? Who can I contact to find out information?....The once you were placed there were more questions...

Where exactly is that? What must I bring? Is there a uniform? Where do I stay? How far is it from....? Will I be the only one?


We want to answer all those questions for future students so they don't go through the frustrations we did. The SASP community Service portfolio is trying to put together a Community Service Website, which will include profiles on ALL community service placements. So students may access all the information they need on any hospital that has community service staff.


But we need your help! Please will you fill out a simple questionnaire (See attached or on the SASP website or at on your community service, the basic information of the hospital/placement, ups, downs, overall experience and any tips. Then send it back to us at .


Thank you so much for your help!

It is much appreciated!

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