Womens Health Physiotherapy Group


Women’s health physiotherapy is a field of special interest within physiotherapy. It encompasses the evaluation, treatment and education of women throughout the life stages.  

The WHPG aims to:  

·         keep members informed of changes and developments at national and international level by means of quarterly newsletters 

·         meet the needs of its members by offering courses covering a wide variety of topics in the fields of urology, urogynaecology, gynaecology and obstetrics. 

·         maintain internationally acceptable standards of practice.  

·         promote and increase the availability of physiotherapy services to patients in the field of women’s health. 

·         improve the image of women’s health physiotherapists within the profession, to doctors, and healthcare providers as well as the public. 

·         promote the need for inclusion of this important field of physiotherapy in undergraduate training at all our universities 

·         encourage and promote post graduate research 

There are currently four provincial branches namely Eastern Cape, KZN, Gauteng and Western Cape. However the membership is far reaching throughout South Africa. Members from the more remote areas are encouraged to communicate via email.  We are willing to assist, where possible, with problems whether clinical or administrative.   

The WHPG is a member of the IOPTWH, the International Organisation of Physiotherapists in Women’s Health.

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Provincial Branches

Gauteng Limpopo Mpumalanga Kwazulu Natal Free State Western Cape Eastern Cape Northern Cape North West