Thursdays Secret

Work smarter, not harder!
It is Physiotherapy Back Week 11 – 15 September 2006

Your PhysioFriend wants to share some secrets with you…

Work smarter, not harder!

Don’t dismiss your aches and pains as normal – you can do something about it! Of course we all have periods being in our work situation when we have to work longer hours than usual. This will make us more tired than usual, but a few simple stretches can make a big difference in increasing blood flow, reducing body tension and general fatigue.Make a conscious effort to get out of your chair more often. You might not realise it, but one of the easiest thing you can introduce to your office routine is a “screen break”. This only needs to last one minute. Make sure to take a screen break at least once every hour. The more intensive the task, the more mini breaks will be needed. After 2 hours of intense keyboard work, mistakes become more frequent. Take regular breaks to increase your efficiency. Get up, walk around and do some stretching during your break. Perhaps get something to drink. Getting away from your desk will also give you the chance to focus your eyes on something different. Don’t feel guilty about taking a break – it also gives you a chance to take a “mind” break You should do some stretching exercises at least once an hour to release the tension in your muscles caused by sitting in the same position for too long.Make these exercises part of your daily routine at work.

10 Tips for efficient rest breaks

  1. Take breaks away from your desk.
  2. Take breaks before needed.
  3. Take short frequent breaks.
  4. Avoid doing similar activities during your break.
  5. Avoid similar visual tasks (i.e. writing, computer games).
  6. Do regular stretching exercises.
  7. Set your cell phone alarm as a reminder to take a break.
  8. Alternate your activities.
  9. When talking on the telephone, get up from the sitting position and stretch.
  10. Alternate between using the keyboard and the mouse

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