Your Turn to Shine!

Back Week 2004

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BackWeek: Your Turn to Shine!

Your Turn to Shine!
Backweek is one chance in the year for every physio to buff
the image of our profession. By Mandi Smallhorne

So the week
of 6-11 September is approaching fast. Have you put on your thinking cap
and come up with some bright ideas? Remember, this year, Backweek revolves
around the Ten Tips for Healthy Living. And we’ve got to make it a fantastic
occasion, in honour of our 80th birthday!

Some suggestions for those who haven’t had time to think:

1. Breathe deeply, get lots of fresh air

  • Ask a local air-conditioner supplier to put up a billboard with the Ten Tips on
    it, or to sponsor an article in a local newspaper.

2. Move your body. Never stay in one position for too long. Stretch your
muscles and move your joints. Take a walk. Regular exercise keeps your body
strong and supple

  • Ask Run/Walk for Life if you can make a presentation to their classes.

  • Posters at the local gym.
  • Go to the local school and do a talk to assembly in the morning.

3. Don't take life too seriously!Laugh out loud at least once a day

  • Who’s your local comic, the guy who does a cabaret show at a club? Get him on
    board - ask him if he will go on local radio with you to talk about the
    importance of laughing. You can then talk about the rest of the ten tips!

4. Have a healthy, balanced diet

  • Take a spread of good, healthy food - stuffed red peppers, crisp salads, juicy
    fruit - to your local radio station for the radio presenters, with a press
    release outlining the Ten Tips.
  • Do the same thing for the local newspaper.
  • Ask a dietician colleague to give a talk with you to local school kids - you
    handle the exercise and musculo- skeletal stuff, she does the food.

5. Get enough sleep (6-8 hours per night) on a firm mattress; use a good pillow

  • Is there a mattress factory/bed shop in town? Ask them if they would sponsor an
    article about choosing a bed in your local newspaper; or suggest they publicise
    an event where you can come to the store and do a talk for customers. Hold a
    ‘sleep-in’ at the local shopping centre, with posters about the Ten Tips and
    free neck massages!

6. Maintain a good posture in whatever you do

  • Offer your advice to local factories/ offices on how to stand or sit properly
    to avoid back-pain on the job.
  • Set up a booth at a garage complex along the big highway closest to you,
    offering motorists advice on

    how to avoid back pain while in the car/truck

7. Don't ever drink and drive!

  • Contact your local traffic department for support - you can go on radio
    together, for instance, or do a

    mall presentation together.

8. Stop smoking

  • Is there an anti-smoking support group in your town? Perhaps you can work
    together on something like a presentation at local schools, malls and the like.

9. Manage your time, have social and recreational activities on a regular basis

  • The local movie house could be one venue for a presentation, with their
    permission. Stress clinics also

    spring to mind.
  • Host a day at the local park for families and dogs - provide info and raise
    funds by selling boerewors

    rolls and the like!

10.Be thankful for the privilege of being alive

  • Would any local religious organisations be amenable to a talk, perhaps after
    church on Sunday or at

    evening meetings?

Please contact your
Province for information about materials which are available to assist
you, and good luck! Let’s make this a rockin’ Backweek!
Video 1: Basic
exercise class for patients with back/neck pain.
Video 2: A spinal
care class.

Basic strengthening and stretching exercises on it, with the usual pitfalls and
how to correct them.

Three models are used, one young woman, one middle-aged woman and a man. A good
video for patients who need to do exercises and don't want to, or should not,
go to a gym.

They could do them in the privacy of their home - it would obviously be a good
idea for the physio to go through the exercises on the tape with the patient

Running time: about 45 minutes.

Information covered includes:

Information dealing with:

  • Basic spinal anatomy
  • Skills for daily living
  • Ergonomic advice
  • Basic exercise guidelines.

To be used either by a physiotherapist in a presentation on spinal care, or a
patient can buy it as a reminder of how to apply the principles on a daily

To find out more, contact Roseanne Le Jeune on .

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